About Obturation- which is a rare art.

As Autumn leaves that turn away to fade... so does the Sun.
As Autumn leaves that turn away to fade… so does the Sun.

The Obturator Foramen of the human hip-bone and the nerves and vessels passing through it have strangely derived their name from the Obturator Membrane covering it.

Though I say it covers it- it doesn’t do so completely.

One necessarily obturates an opening once one closes or obstructs it. And that has apparently assumed the form of a rare gift, if I may go on to suggest- which all do not possess, and is a discipline many have to cultivate.

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One cannot always let information escape out of him/her endlessly like an open flame- simply because diffuse uncontrolled energy is a waste- be it positive or negative.  Clearly, perfection and finesse is obtained only and only when the energy is focused through a pin-point. Obturation achieves the similar goal- it does not totally eradicate free-space of the mind: but allows it to channelise through a similar figurative foramen and emerge as a focussed and crystallised version of that eternal flame that burns in us all. 

And bringing to light the philosophy of Sthaan , Kaal and Patro :

–  speak in the right place
–  speak at the right time
–  speak rightly to the right person

Using this as a channel- we must strive to condense all that we feel, know and experience- into creating such a masterpiece: bringing such creations into existence- that all may feel the pulsating power of our very will. Such is the manner of Obturation.


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