Shut the door, please!

“I’ve outgrown you”
Oh! What a horrid thing to say!
But here I stand
My heart in hand
The years gone by, my eyes now dry-
And you’re unchanged in every way.

Those selfish eyes
Those sad li’l sighs
That stubborn chin with a stifled grin-
Your stupid sense
Of confidence
In whatever you think is just or true
Or logical, or should happen to you
– all’s still the same. You’re still a dud
You’re a no-good and a stick-in-the-mud.

I haven’t grown up either. Yet,
I’ve had this strangest upbringing-
That enables me to empathise,
To sympathise and apologise,
Not to judge other human beings
And decide what’s most important-

-for me.

I’ve outgrown you. I certainly have!
And I’m proud to announce this in entirety
That I’ll be goin’ forth from now
Adapting, evolving,
Givin’ all my problems a-solving:
While you’ll be stuck
In your room full o’ muck
Reaching out to people – through your pane of glass
Through which these emotions can never pass.

Good day ma’am. Good night too.
This door is forever closed for you.


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