Jumping with Eyes Closed

Often the conclusions we jump to are really not there at all.. They are mirages.

It’s always a leap of faith. Or sometimes, doubt.
However seldom, at times we do land on solid ground.

Sometimes you feel grass beneath your feet, and open your eyes to see them..greener. Always greener.
Sometimes you land on bland and grey, but nevertheless rock-solid, asphalt.
Sometimes it’s a splash. And then you’re suddenly drowning.

But that’s at least the world being honest with you. You get what you wanted- the truth. In whatever texture it comes, you get absolute marrow-chilling truth.

That is not always the case. The universe and all his kids can be swindling liars.

Because, sometimes.. You just feel grains.
Never trust sand. Never ever be quick to trust sand. It might turn out to be quicker.


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