Hawking Radiation

Words melt where our hands meet-
Thoughts spring to living hues
Where our fingers touch gently.
A mere micron of spongy vacuum
Separating us from eternal conjunction
And unity.

We looked at the identical stars,
Our visions melding together
Sharing the same stereoscopy
Designed by the creator to allow
A single human to gauge depth
On their own.

But now we could sense
Twice as many dimensions.
Transcendence brought us closer
To being mere essences of life-
Joined by vision
Joined by perception
Bonded by the ethereal ties of fatality.

But eons ago, in faded memories
Mortals were we
And now set free
Our souls roam the stretches of the Vast.

But looming ahead
Put there by Others to see
A singularity
A glutton born out of lust
Devours the future, devours the past.

Thin slivers of time slip away
As we drift, circling towards
the Inevitable-
A cataract of unconceivable depth
Or dimensions
Beckons us to give up
Our gravity.

Pushed to the Rim
Hands stretch out and grab Her-
Bonds severed clean
My vision cuts loose of this unreality-
I cry out in my soundless voice
As She screams, rending the fragile
Axes of the fourth dimension:

Escape, she told me, Leave me be.
In a moment of hesitation, we were ripped apart;
Light-years of darkness now separating us
I was left alone in the Vast.

And every now and then,
As I steadily drift away from
That monstrosity
Waves of silence
Carrying her screams
Resounds in my ears till I fall asleep.
Passing through all else as if they were nought
A drifter, now unpaired-
I await a rebirth.


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