An Ode to Beauty

How long has it been, since I beheld pure beauty and cried at it?

How long since tears have rolled down my cheeks
Joining the flow at my chin
Have fallen onto the dust
Around my feet?

How long since those salty trickles
Have crept down my neck
Onto the contour of my bare chest
And joined the tears
Bleeding from my heart?

Because beauty exists in happiness
And also in profound sadness.
Beauty is what moves us
Beauty is what causes us to
Look upon the world in awe
And be surprised-
Because every time
It’s a different face we see-

-carved upon the mottled mossy menhir
Of Time
Our perceptions vary
Yet our feelings stay the same.
The plains of Eternity stretch away
in every direction
And it is we who are in the centre of it all.
We who shape the perceptions
Of the people of years to come-

We who cry at beauty.
We who’d die, for beauty.


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