So much to love!

As I explore the vistas further-
The infinitely many branching pathways of the world-wide web
And I look at all the people I could have never met-
All these minds, and these pure souls.
It simply leaves me grasping and clawing at air
As I can do nothing more

Than recognize and appreciate the beauty and finesse
The truth and the grace interwoven through those lines
And the many photographs that lie
Some scattered, some arranged
But ever a collage.

So many people pouring their minds out-
To an ocean of minds that mingle with them
And flow- over to a cascade of thoughts
A cataract of emotions and a gale of memories
So many people to meet
So many thoughts to cherish
So many minds to fall in love with!
Why dilly-dally in petty misgivings and quarrels?
A beautiful mind- no matter how diseased
Exists in each and every one of us:
But only the manner of expression molds and shapes its purpose.
Why die now, when you’ll die later anyway?
So less time, so much to love!


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