I watched a beetle: I learnt about God.

Today, I saved a beetle. I think I did; I think it should be safe for a period of time at least, because I saw it cross the floor and walk under the door crack and out of my life.

Well, what I actually did was that I prevented it from getting washed away by the water. It was a sturdy black beetle, taking small steady steps against the current flowing across the toilet floor. This current was caused, obviously, by none other than me as I was filling the small mug with water. It was meant for purposes of no consequences to the beetle whatsoever. I was filling the small cracked plastic mug for solely my own pursuits- and then I suddenly notice this innocent creature trudging along the middle of the waters.

It took quick toiling steps. Three steps on an average per second I may add if I attempt to be precise in my account. Something about its gait held me in awe. Once or twice it slipped and slid back a few paces as the current carried it towards the drainpipe, but it soon steadied itself, anchored its feet and marched on.

Here I was preparing my toilet-flushing water and this-this beetle appears out of nowhere- putting me in obvious shame for being an obstacle to its progress. Tut tut.

I switched off the tap immediately. The beetle paused mid-tread, noticing the sudden drop in flow. Then, with the same velocity, it continued to cross the floor unperturbed; though it seemed to me as if it was now moving very very slightly on a higher gear than before.

A feeling of immediate philanthropy danced on my limbic cortex as I felt this rush of happiness one often feels upon helping someone out or doing a good deed. I thought, “Why don’t I just pick it up and move it to the other side of the floor? That would save it a lot of trouble! It would be a great help!” Having decided so, I reached out to pick it up for its aerial journey.

I paused.

The beetle had paused too. It must have sensed my hand using its chemoreceptors and wasn’t liking the foreign presence at all. This it demonstrated by folding its teeny tiny feet under its carapace.

Oh wait. Had I touched a beetle ever before?

The small individual and I remained locked in this, what seemed to be a perpetually long state of hesitation before it seemed to turn its gaze forwards, and resumed its trip. I remained frozen in spot, quite perplexed.

Something had transpired between this creature, who was oblivious to the purpose of my existence in this small space where our lives overlapped, and me: and I wasn’t sure what it was. I kept close watch on the little piece of living existence, making sure no harm would befall it’s laid-out path. But this unrest! It started as an itch in the back of my mind which quickly grew to a raging forest-fire as I saw it disappear, still steadily grinding its miniscule feet on the terrain, under the door-crack.

I had just played the role of a God in its life. No, the beetle surely didn’t believe in me, had no faith in me whatsoever- which it had already managed to demonstrate; and most certainly did not pray to me at regular intervals. I never implied any of these. That’s  because I never said that the beetle thought me to be a God. It was me who had consciously played His role in its life.

I stood there thinking how I managed to come upon this analogy. By then, the fires had burnt out, leaving ash-laden, but undoubtedly fertile, land behind. And maybe due to that, the vapours of a new thought came rising out of the seas of the unknown subconscious and showered understanding upon the seeds of a new hypothesis.

Is this what God really is?

A being who lives?

A life form far beyond our comprehension or beyond tangible existentiality -a being transcending normal dimensions?

A being whose life never interacts with any of us throughout our whole life but only during certain times and in certain areas of space?

Maybe it’s during times when we feel something go against us- some unknown force- unattributed (we often call it bad luck, or ‘hard times’- such as what the beetle might have been going through as it marched through the waters I had let run) to any known phenomenon- that this living God is simply performing his daily pursuits? It’s not the first time that we see life-forms impeding the lives of other beings simply by existing. Viruses and Bacteria do it all the time- without any malicious intent too.

Maybe when something good does happen to us all of a sudden- it is because this ‘God’ has noticed us, and has simply gone out of his way to remove his divine obstructing finger out of our lives? It’s then that we feel times get a wee bit easier for us- as the beetle had felt back when I had turned off the tap.

Maybe this is what the ancient proverb “God helps those who help themselves” stands to justify.

Maybe it’s not that God chooses only to help those who help themselves- but that he fears that his helping finger might do more harm than good if introduced into our lives- and would move the tracks off their normal course! Maybe that is why he prefer to work in his ‘mysterious ways’- indirectly, all the while urging us to keep moving forward, as he shall take care of the rest.

Maybe that is why he hesitates. Maybe he also sees the will to survive in our teeny-tiny eyes- and the spirit to fight back and defend against any unforeseen circumstances.

That is quite a long list of ‘maybe’s. Hey, it’s just food for thought. I’m not imposing ideas. I also don’t mean to hurt the sentiments of any religious sect- and if anyone thought even vaguely for a moment that I was calling myself God or a prophet- NO. I wasn’t.

But hey- maybe it’s all true. You’d know if you watched “Horton hears a Who.” Maybe you who is reading this, will one day step into the same position I was in, and it might occur to you too that there might be a whole super-dimension filled with God-like life-forms. Maybe it’s not a ‘maybe’ after all. Well, that’s just me ranting.

Just saying- I helped a beetle safely cross the lavatory-floor today. That helped me realize more about myself and the world around me. Give it a try sometime. Who knows, someone might be watching from another dimension, smiling a philanthropic smile. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I watched a beetle: I learnt about God.

  1. This was amazing!
    Maybe the beetle plays God to us in another dimension.
    Maybe we play Gods to each other at different points in space and time.
    Maybe the almighty ‘God’ is also being watched upon by His God, who comes into play only when certain situations arise.

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  2. Its real you, I believe.
    Carry on your thoughts ……. believe in “belief”, in “yourself” and in some “saviours” occupying the same plane in the same time-space frame of our tiny universe.
    Thank you for providing me a very sound thought told again and again in different forms, in different languages, by different people since the dawn of human civilization.
    God bless you, my child!

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