How I saw the rain fall.

I wept
– the lightning cracked the sky.
I sobbed
– the thunder choked me dry.

I stared
– a world: ’twas laden with guilt.
I blinked
– a scenery white as snow;

All for a moment’s notice!
Only a second of heartfelt sorrow..
And the wind that howls
A mournful dirge,
For many a friend : lost or gone..

Ten thousand mirrors- filled with light!
Like thousands of stars that adorn the night;
Ten thousand shards of broken glass
Like a million tears of the broken past.

Million lakes of tranquil shattered!
Million flecks of ashes scattered-
Hundreds and thousands of doves in flight:
They spread their wings and flee the night.

And such is beauty as is seen
In a split second’s shut-eye :
Drops of rain,
crying out in pain,
Hanging in suspended animation.
– Living beyond death –
– Existing
Outside this world altogether.
– Frozen in stupor-
– Petrified
Like so many sheep, they’ll graze the fields
– till the light does fail
– till the dreams set sail
And all shall be lost once again
– to the night.


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