The Dance of the Damned

The birds that fly, throats parched and dry- they rest not till they quench their thirst.
The birds that fly, throats parched and dry- they rest not till they quench their thirst.

I waved alone-
My puny hand,
Its puny fingers
Were as sand
Is to the endless tides
Of the ocean, vast and grand.

Sunset lapped its dying rays
Around my form, the gilded haze
Swept past me like a hunting hawk.
At last it was the time to talk.

The wind listened, it dropped its voice-
I sang alone,
As forlorn
As the birds that ne’er rejoice
Until they spy the clouds upon
The far-off dark horizon.

At last it was going to rain!
I should have been overjoyed!
But deep inside, what was this pain?..
A sick dread, a gaping void-
An angina of diseased hate:
Like too many sweets that I ate,
An overwhelming urge to throw them up-
To lose all else that was inside…
Rain fell like shells, drop by drop;
I fell down, bundled up, and cried.

Spirits danced the waltz in rain,
I watched on as they stepped and spun
To music, sweet and ethereal tunes
– slow and sad, a mournful one
– others merry, quick to turn
– some that spoke of a tale of grief
Others were of the moon and sun.

I lay there helpless, in the rain;
Ghosts appeared and faded again.
Tears mingled with the drops
A salty rivulet flowed in stops
The water washed my eloquence
Off my miserable existence…

I wept; there was nothing more to do.
The wind guffawed, harder it blew;
Nothing more than what I could do..

The whole episode of misplaced trust- Of people doing what they must
Regardless of the one they have
Bound themselves to for eternity..
The human mind plays cheapest tricks
Upon the very epitome of Grace.
Yet we get back ‘pon our feet
to punch Life on its sorry face.

The idle reverie passed away
Like a storm-cloud on a desert parched
My lifeless eyes looked sore and blank..
My spirit long gone
My heart long stopped..
It had bled to a clot, just like my tears..
Hardened to a crust- Petrified..
The rain had stopped, the wind had died.

There I’ll lie
Till the dew-drops dry
Till sunlight cracks the darkened sky..
Till fallen leaves decorate my bier
Till poesy lights my feigned straw pyre
I’ll strip to bone
As cold as stone..
Let time heal my huge gaping scars
Let the birds fly free, Let sleeping dogs be-
Let the ships set sail to the endless sea..
Let this be the end to the pitiful farce.


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