Paries Autem Fletus

The Wall of Unnumbered Tears
This is the wall, that wept.

There I stand..
Frozen in time.
While all the world slips away along my length.
Dawn breaks upon the meadows:
It lights up only one plane of my two-faced existence.
The bricks apposed
The mortar loose
Years of burden bearing down upon my millenia-long slumber.

Here I stand-
I stand and hear
Numerous voices.
Echoes of the past; Foregone miseries
Sick thoughts of the diseased mind
Hurled as burning brimstone at my ruined countenance.

I stand..

Listening forever…

The lonely wails of the orphan
The sobs of the grief-stricken mother
Splashing tears of the loveless maiden
Agonized cries of humiliated men
Crash upon my cracked surface…

I listen..

But, is it never enough?

Are there no other walls in this multiverse?
Ones with sterner resilience?
Ones made of alloyed metal forged,
Impermeable to grief?
Too icy cold for compassion to sink its toxic talons within?
Upon which the flame of angry lament can leave not a scratch?

Yet I stand-

I withstand
The Onslaught of the Ages.
Too slow moves the sun, ominously circling like a vulture:
Peeling off my shell;  exfoliating my long-gone ghost of a plaster.
The brick-dust blows away in the wind-
Dried powdered tears; shed by no being living.

I long for release
From this eternal Perdition.
How long can burnt clay withhold
What common flesh and blood cannot?
Can stone ever be held together by dead cement?
The sadness reverberates within my bones,
A cursed echo set forth into the fabric of Forever
A miasma of Gloom
Shrouds the sunlit meadows.
Frail buds necrose and die.
Flowers remain unborn.

I am the Totem of Anguish

I am the Symbol of Despair

I am the Wall

I stand tall- burdened by decades of transferred sadness.

Dead sorrows interred beneath my foundation;
My roots charred beyond recognition..
When finally the rays
Of the Last sun-down
Shall adorn my crumbling margins…

I shall fall and break.
I shall crumble to nothing.
Sorrows like dust shall disperse
Into the Cold dry nether-winds of Fate


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