Crossroads of Nightmares

“Such are our thoughts which cross upon
A single coordinate in time and space.
I’ll see through his eyes, and he’ll see through mine-
The darkness of our pupils shall find comfort
In the company of each other’s deepest fears.”

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C a n v a s

Is there something wrong?

I looked up, painfully parting my eyelids.
My eyes hazily focused somewhere beyond the walls. Almost a whisper, I gasped with my last bit of breath-

“Help me, please…”

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So much to love!

“So many people pouring their minds out-
To an ocean of minds that mingle with them
And flow- over to a cascade of thoughts
A cataract of emotions and a gale of memories
So many people to meet
So many thoughts to cherish
So many minds to fall in love with!”

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The Mathematician’s Folly

“Every day we die a brand-new death-
Every time we mourn for the past we lost-
Every hour we spend in foolish regret
For things we never paid a cost.
We hold them back, we gather the dust
In our sorry little tiny figurative palms-
We cherish them like some meagre alms…”

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“Quasars burn and rage over my attention!
Shadowy remnants of supernovas loom
Over the corpses of dead stars.
Rising higher into the spaces-
The cradles of starbirth glow in pride.”

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